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With total installed capacity of 229 MWDC for 3 sites, this could provide;

Solar Panel Installation

261 GWh Per Year

Est. Annual Generation

Modular Homes

>53,000 Hong Kong Households Annually

Provide Clean Power To


>140,000 Tonnes CO2e Per Year*

Reduce CO2 Reduction by

This project could contribute more than 17% of the Hong Kong Government's RE electricity target before 2030**

*   CLP Power Hong Kong Carbon Intensity of Electric Sold. Conversion rate of CLP Power Hong Kong Carbon Intensity of Electricity Sold in 2016      (0.54kg CO2e/kWh) has been applied to calculation of CO2 reduction.

(Source: https://www.clpgroup.com/SR2016/en/clp-power-hong-kong-carbon-intensity-of-electricity-sold.html)

**  Hong Kong Government estimates that Hong Kong has about 3 to 4% of realisable RE potential arising from wind, solar and waste-to-energy that can be exploited between now and 2030. At 261GWh, these 3 sites could therefore contribute more than 17% of the Government’s RE electricity target well before 2030.
(Source: Page 24, Hong Kong’s Climate Action Plan 2030+, Environment Bureau, January 2017. https://www.enb.gov.hk/sites/default/files/pdf/ClimateActionPlanEng.pdf)


Simply put, photovoltaic (PV) panels convert sunlight to electricity. Benefits of PV energy include:

  • No pollution emissions.

  • The fuel source, sunlight, is free and abundant.

  • Costs per unit of energy (e.g. USD per Watt) are continuing to decrease year-on-year.

  • For fixed angle systems, there are no moving parts, thus operation and maintenance costs are minimal, and there is no operational waste generated.

  • Peak electricity production (strongest sunlight) coincides with peak cooling demand (hottest days), helping to address electricity demand peaks.

During operation, solar farm is unmanned with operations monitored remotely by a qualified operation and maintenance service provider. Maintenance activities include visual inspection, mechanical inspection, electrical inspection and cleaning of main equipment (such as PV panels, inverters, transformers, etc.). Such service provider shall perform preventive maintenance annually to keep the solar farm operating optimally throughout 20 years or more of operation life.


Schematic operation of solar farm

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